Irish Ball Warsaw

Some of the projects we have supported:

Children’s Hospital in Warsaw

The Patrick’s Day foundation decided in 2015 to raise funds for one particular project. This is to help create a world class children’s hospital in Warsaw. The project, led by the Litewska Foundation is proceeding in 2016 and is expected to finish in 2017.

Dom Pomocy Spolecznej w Lukowie

Part finance of renovations and purchase of new mattresses for an orphanage in Luków

Fundacja DOM W LODZI

We financed the purchase of new doors and windows for the orphanage during the course of a complete renovation of the facilities.

The Barnabite Fathers “House of Bread”, Warsaw

We purchase medical supplies for the new homeless shelter in Warsaw

Dom Pomocy Spoleczniej w Wydminach

In Wydminy Old Folks home, we've part-taken in 2 projects through Entraide, the French charity group.

The first project in 2012/2013 was the sponsorship of windows and a fire alarm system in what was then the new residential block. The second project, due for completion in early 2016, was the interior decoration of a new block of 8 bedrooms, 3 apartments and a main dining hall.

Caritas, Elk

In their newly created retirement home for people unable to care for themselves through illness, we furnished rooms with basic furniture which enabled it to be open in 2015.


FISP have supported projects brought to them by IWG by purchasing capital goods for the organizations concerned. We will continue to financially support their good work in 2012/2013.

Sunshine Foundation

The main purpose of Foundation Sunshine is to help people with disabilities in the mobilisation of the resources needed for rehabilitation, treatment and rehabilitation equipment and orthopedics. FISP have provided rehabilitation equipment to aid the ongoing development and treatment required is supporting the patients.


In 2012 FISP have supported TPG by sponsoring equipment (transmitters, speakers, receivers) to be used by a group of hard of hearing persons to help them participate in various events. Thanks to that equipment deafblind people are able to participates in lectures, meetings, visit museums and exhibitions etc. They have been a huge success and this is why we sponsored the purchase of similar equipment in 2013 as well.

Ognisko „Starówka”

Ognisko „Starówka” in Warsaw is a place where underprivileged children can spend time after school and develop their interests and personalities in a friendly and warm atmosphere. At the moment the facility provides care and support for 40 children. In 2013 FISP financed the renovation of the place and bought sofas, carpets, board games and other arts & crafts materials.


In 2009/2010 FISP sponsored substantial new equipment for the Albertynki laundry including an industrial washing machine. The sisters look after 90 ladies with psychiatric illness ranging in age from 18 - 95 years of age. In July 2010 Michael and Con visited Paczanow and met with Sister Karolina who brought them on a tour of the substantial property. They have plans to build a hydro-therapy centre in 2012.

Institute of Mother and Child

The Institute of Mother and Child is an organisation with over fifty years of history. It was founded in 1951, and since that time it has consistently participated in solving the health problems of mothers, children, and adolescents. The Institute has enjoyed a strong and reliable position at home and in the international forum for many years. The activities undertaken by the Institute of Mother and Child serve the Polish population - families planning and expecting children, and raising them, as well as the children and adolescents themselves. The Institute of Mother and Child includes the most outstanding doctors, specialists in a variety of fields, and nurses who guarantee professional care for each patient every day. The Institute also includes supporting organisations, foundations, and volunteers who, through their work, objectivity, and sincere dedication to helping others assist us in fulfilling our mission. Fisp supported the Institute 2011 by purchasing 12 New hospital beds for their children's oncology department and again in 2012 with 9 gastric feeding pumps.


A Hospital approached us for a new kidney dialysis machine as the previous machine was too old and the patients were suffering. Within 3 weeks, a new machine was delivered to the hospital where it was received with great enthusiasm from staff and children alike.

Centrum Praw Kobiet

In 2011 FISP sponsored the renovation of the CPK headquarters on ul Wilcza. This involved building work that created multiple 3-5 person interview rooms where women seeking support can talk in private with therapists, counselors and legal advisors.

ENTRAIDE Foundation

Established in 1995, the ENTRAIDE Foundation involves 30 French-speaking volunteers. Its goal is to financially support Polish organizations helping people in difficult living conditions, particularly children. ENTRAIDE also has a special section that cooperates with the Chleb Zycia (Bread of Life) Foundation to finance the education of young people from poor rural families. They are currently involved in fund raising for over 26 different projects ranging from orphanages, homeless centers, day care centers, old folks homes, educational sponsorships etc. FISP supported them in 2010 in the renovation of bedrooms in the Wydminy Old Folks Home.

Sue Ryder Foundation

The Sue Ryder Foundation in Poland, has been active for 18 years. The charity is currently involved in the following work:

* Structural assistance to 13 homes providing social care, pallative care and care of the elderly.

* First step one time donations for rehabilitation of recently paralysed.

* Medical equipment for Children's home hospice.

Mums & Tots of Warsaw

FISP had great pleasure in supporting Mums & Tots of Warsaw projects in providing half of the funding for a new VW Transporter Minibus for the childrens orphanage in Pacanow run by Sister Dobremilo. The minibus was delivered in December. Alia works tirelessly for the charities that she supports, she even subjected herself to running the Warsaw Marathon in order to raise funds.. FISP look forward to working again with them in 2013

Fundacja Pomocy Osobom Niepelnosprawnym PRZYJACIEL

Fundacja Pomocy Osobom Niepelnosprawnym PRZYJACIEL helps disabled people by promoting dog therapy as a significant part of treatment for people who are physically, socially and emotionally challenged. Since 2011 FISP have been continuously supporting Fundacja PRZYJACIEL by sponsoring dog therapy classes and providing food for dogs working with disabled children.

Fundacja Rozwoju Kapitalu Spolecznego

For several years FISP have supported “Energy Transfer” program run by Fundacja Rozwoju Kapitalu Spolecznego, which aims at improving the situation of little village schools in warminsko-mazurskie and malopolskie voivodship and helping them to become more independent. Within this project FISP managed to fund necessary building renovations including windows and heating systems replacements and roof reforms. We were also able to build playgrounds and sponsor teaching aids and IT equipment among other things.

Vis Maior Foundation

In 2012 to support Vis Maior Foundation FISP purchased 2 dogs, provided continuous veterinary care and food supplies and funded a 2-year training program to prepare them to work as guide dogs for the blind. The aim of the project is to increase social and professional activity of people with eyesight impairments by allowing them to move faster, safer and in a more comfortable way with the help of a well-trained guide dog.

Dom Pomocy Spolecznej

Dom Pomocy Spolecznej in Luków is a home for mentally handicapped teenage boys who in addition suffer from other osteoarticular system and neurological diseases. FISP has so far supported the institution through the purchase of therapy equipment, by providing necessary materials for therapy workshop room and co-funding a rehabilitation camp for 20 people. This year we funded the renovation of day activity room and provided additional equipment for kitchen and dining area to improve their living conditions.

Zakatek School

In 2013 FISP has again supported the organization by finishing the renovation of Zakatek School in Poznan. The school provides care and education for mentally and physically disabled children. Our support included the purchase and installation of specialized lighting in a 4-storey school building.

Special Preschool „Orzeszek”

In addition FISP supported Special Preschool „Orzeszek” by purchasing therapy equipment for disabled children.

Stowarzyszenie Centrum Mlodziezy „Arka”

Stowarzyszenie Centrum Mlodziezy „Arka” in Radom provides after school activities and creative opportunities for ‘at risk’ kids and teenagers. They are also running a soup kitchen, which currently provides meals for 500 children of poor families in the town of Radom. In 2014 FISP sponsored the purchase of a large commercial-style pot for cooking soups and additional kitchen fit-out equipment, which has significantly improved the day to day activities of volunteers working in the centre.

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